We're all mad here.

Oh dear.

It really is a shame that I haven’t been active on this blog for so very long. Honestly, moving to the city and going to uni have given me less time to draw and paint like I used to, and although I love my life now I wish I had more time to just relax and doodle. However, I will, from now on (try to) regularly update this blog with everything I do and love :)

Of course, you can also visit my inspirational blog: http://excusemyinsanity.tumblr.com/

Also, here’s a pic of the ice cream I ate today. With sprinkles. Ain’t that nice.

Anonymous said: WOW, I just lost a bunch of weight using the OFFICIAL TUMBLR DIET!! Are u using it as well? check it out at TumblrHealthDiet[d0t]com

no thanks i’m just gonna keep scrolling pics of cake sorry

I discovered an amazing little record shop in my town today, where I bought the Decemberists album Her Majesty on vinyl, and I was reminded of how deeply I love this band. 

Colin Meloy, guys.

Working on a knittin’ kitten!

Reasons why I should have my own place


so I can buy all this gorgeous stuff from etsy and put it everywhere in my home and just stare at it and be really really happy with myself even though I’m broke from buying it all